The brand new website is proving a hit with advertisers and users alike.

The all-new is a one-stop online marketing platform for advertisers.  For users it’s a leading local resource offering everything from information on local businesses, offers, discounts, news, events, plus much more.  If something is happening in your area, will tell you all about it.

Founded in 2000 by Infoserve, the original Cityvisitor was one of the very first online business directories in the UK.  The website developed into one of the most popular online business finders.

The brand new Cityvisitor website offers advertisers and users so much more than a business directory.

Advertisers can:

  • Update business details in real time
  • Advertise offers, discounts and events
  • Have links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube on their listings
  • Add promotional video to listings
  • Create a business blog
  • Design and send email shots to customers
  • Receive quote requests
  • And much more

A recognised leader in online local search, the Cityvisitor website has a quickly-growing user base which is backed with high visibility on all major search engines.  Through Cityvisitor businesses can get maximum exposure online.

You can find out more about the full range of Cityvisitor products at our advertise with us page.

Users can:

  • Get information on local businesses
  • Receive offers and discounts
  • Get all the local news, things to do and events
  • Receive quote requests from businesses
  • Place items for sale
  • Share events
  • Place reviews
  • Bookmark specific businesses
  • And so much more

There are over two million businesses listed on Cityvisitor.  The website’s user-friendly search facility allows you to search for businesses by category, keywords or by company name and either location, county or postcode. The mapping facility shows you the location of all businesses you have looked for and the get directions feature enables you to get directions to any business listed.

Users can sign up to a free My Cityvisitor User Account and can then place items for sale in the Cityvisitor Marketplace; share events in their area; post reviews; bookmark individual businesses and request quotes from any business listed.

For more information see the sign up for free page.