The brand new website was launched in 2012 and is proving a massive hit with advertisers and users alike.

The all-new is a one-stop online marketing platform for advertisers.  For users it’s a leading local resource offering everything from information on local businesses, offers, discounts, news, events, plus much more.  If something is happening in your area, will tell you all about it.

Founded in 2000 by Infoserve, the original Cityvisitor was one of the very first online business directories in the UK.  The website developed into one of the most popular online business finders.

The brand new Cityvisitor website offers advertisers and users so much more than a business directory.

A recognised leader in online local search, the Cityvisitor website has a quickly-growing user base which is backed with high visibility on all major search engines.  Through Cityvisitor businesses can get maximum exposure online.