Friday, 7 December 2018

As a business, should you include pricing on your website or other online marketing material?

Most business owners tend to say no. Perhaps it is just a British thing (we don’t like talking about money) or perhaps they think it will put people off?

Other reasons companies give are that they don’t want to give anything away to their competitors or that they don’t want to have rigidly-set prices that leave no room for negotiations or discounts.

The truth is, you SHOULD include your pricing. It’s what customers want.

As a consumer, think about what information you are looking for when considering a service or a product? You wouldn’t go to a restaurant without checking the prices first would you? You wouldn’t get in the car and make a specific trip to a retail outlet for an item with no idea of its price.

When potential customers read your website, or even see a social media post, they are much more likely to consider taking their interest further if they know what sort of price they will be expected to pay.

In modern times, with all the information you need readily available at your fingertips, you don’t usually want the hassle of picking up the phone to ask about prices. You are more likely to just look up another supplier of the same product or service instead.

Publishing your prices online does not have to be rigid. You can use wording such as from £??? Or between £???? Or prices start from £????? Or use pricing followed by wording such as – discounts and special offers are always available, please discuss with us. This way, you are giving your customers an idea where you sit in the pricing line.

Having a pricing/cost page is also good for your search engine results. Many customers use the words price or cost in their searches. It also allows you to shout about special offers and deals – words that are also good for social media and search engine results.

Not putting prices online suggests to your potential customers that this is something you want to hide. So be proud of your pricing. Use it as a selling point – whether it’s low pricing that’s your selling point or a top quality product…

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