Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The internet gives you endless opportunities to promote your business, so are you taking advantage of enough of them?

The more adventurous you are in the digital world, the more customers you are likely to reach.

We’re not just talking about having a decent website (which of course you should) or even having a couple of active social media platforms on the go, we’re talking about branching out even further.

Have you got to grips with the benefits of Google AdWords and Bing Ads pay per click for your business, for example?  You only have to pay for each person that clicks through to your website or landing page.  There’s also social media sponsored posts or adverts – these allow you to control spend while being very targeted with your marketing.

Yahoo Local is an online local directory of businesses, allowing you to be listed with a direct link back to your website.

Listing Manager is a service that allows you to get your business listed on multiple online directories, all from one place.

Feeling a bit confused? To find out more about these options or to discuss how they are suited to your business, speak to an expert at Infoserve.

Infoserve, a leader in digital marketing for small to medium-sized businesses, has over 19 years’ experience in helping businesses get found online.  We specialise in web design, pay per click, listings and social media.  We are the UK’s only Google Premier Partner, Bing Elite Partner and Yahoo Local partner.

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