Meet Our Team

If you want to know what it is really like to work for Infoserve, then the best people to ask are our staff.

Here you can meet some of our team members and find out about their career at Infoserve.

Dave FirmanName: Dave Firman
Position: Technical Manager
Department: Technical/IT
Location: Head Office
Joined:October 1999

Hayley Stubbs

Name: Hayley Stubbs
Position: Finance Manager
Department: Finance
Location: Head Office
Joined: November 2005

Graeme BuckleyName: Graeme Buckley
Position: Web Developer
Department: Production
Location: Head Office
Joined:March 2005

Dawn Bunting

Name: Dawn Bunting
Position: Human Resources Executive
Department: Human Resources
Location: Head Office
Joined: December 2004