There are many fantastic reasons to join our hugely successful team, and here are just a few of them.

Working Environment

Infoserve offers a first-class working environment. We are based across three sites; the Head Office at Leeds Bradford International Airport, a 16,500 sq ft sales office in Darlington, and a sales office in Leeds City Centre.

Both our sales offices offer employees superb recreational facilities with large kitchen areas, seating, vending machines, and plenty of fun board games. Our Head Office has a kitchen area and a café located on site and is close to a selection of sandwich shops and other retailers in nearby Yeadon and Guiseley.

Career Progression

Infoserve is dedicated to developing the careers of all its staff. With the right attitude, commitment and hard work, our employees find they can achieve their ambitions with the full support and guidance of the company. When you work for Infoserve, there really is no limit to what you can achieve.

‘Deals for Wheels’ car share scheme

‘Deals for Wheels’ is a pioneering scheme aimed at encouraging employees to share cars with their work mates. It has received a wealth of praise from Leeds City Council and Darlington Borough Council. The scheme offers huge benefits to the company, its employees and the environment, which include:

  • Lowering fuel emissions
  • Reducing traffic congestion and the number of cars on the roads
  • Reducing the number of car parking spaces needed at Infoserve’s sites
  • Improving social interaction between colleagues

Childcare Scheme

Infoserve offers the Government-recognised Childcare Scheme whereby parents save childcare vouchers to budget for their childcare costs. The scheme works by taking a proportion out of your salary, and this proportion is then returned to you in the form of Childcare Vouchers.

In addition to this scheme, the company is looking to work closely with a crèche provider in the Darlington area in the near future.


Infoserve is dedicated to training all its staff, and has a range of in-house training programmes available.

Recommend a friend

Infoserve runs a successful Recommend a friend scheme, which allows existing employees to earn cash by recommending their friends for employment in a sales role with the company. Staff can earn £200 after their recommended friend passes their six-month probation period.

Extra holiday for your birthday

At Infoserve we believe that every birthday is a cause for celebration, and therefore our Birthday Holiday ensures you never have to be at work on your birthday. The Birthday Holiday is offered to every employee and is in addition to any annual leave you are entitled to.