Wednesday, 14 January 2015

With the digital landscape constantly changing the most successful marketeers will be the ones who can predict the trends, and not simply follow them. So what should we be watching out for in the year ahead?

1. A single strategy. Try to think not of digital marketing but how to market in a digital world. The separation between traditional and digital marketing has disappeared and the two are now intertwined. Brands need to be where their customers are: across digital platforms, apps and devices. A mobile-first approach: creating content that is easily digestible via a small screen, will help reach customers at the right time.

You need to be marketing in real-time, responding to what consumers are doing and saying now.

2. Create useful content. Brands will continue to act as publishers but rather than pushing the content they want their customers to read, useful, human content will be king. Photos, video and a sense of humour will all help to build traction and loyalty with customers who will simply ignore the ‘sell, sell, sell’ approach.

Original video content with visual stories to inspire emotion will be the key to customer engagement. Campaigns and messages will be built around positivity, giving consumers a reason to smile and share.

3. It’s about to get personal. Brands will find a way to make good use of big data, taking personalisation to the max, providing content and messages tailored perfectly to the individual, their likes and location. As wearable technology is embraced by the masses in 2015 brands will get ahead of the crowd by finding clever and effective ways of utilising this technology to market to its wearers.