Tuesday, 5 December 2017

We focus quite a lot on how we use the internet to promote our businesses, but let’s not forget we can also use it as an information tool.

All the practices you carry out as a business can be done in the digital arena. For example:

Checking out your competitors

Want to see what your competition is up to? Spend time looking at their website and social media activity to give you valuable information for your own strategies. This can give you information about prices, new products and just also what works and what doesn’t in terms of website and social media posting. It doesn’t mean you have to copy or steal, it just helps you think more laterally as a business. By seeing what others are up to, it often opens your ideas bank to fresh angles and paths to take.

Searching for suppliers

What a great way to make sure you are choosing the best options when it comes to your own suppliers. Again, it is about being able use the internet to compare prices, what is available, popularity etc.

Looking for partnerships

Searching around and connecting with others in your industry can bring up all kinds of partnership options. Perhaps there are companies out there whose services or products complement your own? For example, as a restaurant, maybe you could endorse a local taxi company through your social media activity and they, in turn, could endorse you…

Keeping up to date

Browse online to ensure your company is up to date with all the latest news that affects your industry – whether it is the financial sector or childcare.

Happy surfing!