Wednesday, 20 September 2017

In these days of text speak and computer spellchecks, it can be easy to think that spelling, grammar and punctuation aren’t so important any more.

It’s true, we can get away with using slang words on social media posts. In fact, sometimes in can be essential to use slang and even text speak to meet the limited word count. But when it comes to posts, blogs and website content, it is still very important to get it right.

The misuse of apostrophes, bad spelling, lack of punctuation and grammar that has gone wrong – this all creates a very bad first impression of your business.

One of the most common words businesses like to use when selling themselves is ‘professional’. You want to come across as professional, of course you do. But imagine how unprofessional it looks to have careless writing on the online window of your business.

You wouldn’t have a poster up around town advertising your business that contained spelling mistakes would you? Well, hopefully not. You certainly wouldn’t want to, although I have seen this more than once!

A well-known supermarket was ridiculed in the news earlier this year after making a terrible apostrophe blunder on an in-store sign. The supermarket chain had to meekly respond with: “We’re in the process of changing this in our stores. Our report card says ‘must try harder’.”

There’s a lesson here – make sure you take your business writing seriously, wherever it is appearing, or you could be creating some very negative PR for yourselves. Use a qualified member of staff or outsource your writing and editing work to ensure you get it right.