Thursday, 7 November 2013

The presence of many businesses online is making it increasingly easy for consumers to “shop around”.

shopping from armchair


Whatever product or service your business is offering, there will be many, many other competitors out there offering the same or similar – and your customers will be able to find them at the touch of a button.

As more small and medium sized businesses increase their image and presence online, customers are using the internet to save them both time and money in finding the best offer or product.

For example, a recent survey found that online car comparison websites helped 44 per cent of UK consumers to arrange their policies in 2013. This figure has risen from 33 per cent in 2012.

Nick Watkins, of research company GfK, told Marketing Week: “This scale of change is quite significant in financial services.

“Motor insurance, like other financial services products, is a low engagement area. Consumers aren’t particularly interested and don’t always want to spend time on it, so something that [does the work for them] is appealing.”

Mark Vile, of Compare the Market, added: “Consumers are much more tech savvy, which has happened in line with them being more time poor.”

This means it is fast becoming essential for you to have not only a presence online, but also one that truly reflects your brand and portrays the right image. You need to make it easier for your customers to find and choose you.  If you want help with your online presence, contact Infoserve to find out how we can help you market your business successfully online.  Find out more about Infoserve’s portfolio of online marketing solutions here.

The survey also suggests that loyalty is harder to gain from customers in today’s world, as they can repeatedly “shop around” without even leaving the armchair.