Wednesday, 11 October 2017

What catches your eye as you browse online?

The answer, of course, is pictures. Remember that old saying – a picture is worth a thousand words.

Social media platforms are not just available for short soundbites – pictures now play a big part.

So, as with all tips and advice when it comes to marketing online – a good first port of call is to think about what would interest you/grab your attention.

Start thinking about pictures to use on your social media feeds, not necessarily with every post, but certainly on a regular basis.

Pictures can work in lots of different ways – they might be a picture of your latest project, either in full swing or completed. They might be a picture of a member of staff, or a new product.

Other pictures that work well include inspirational/motivational pictures with a motivational message (people love that kind of thing!) or perhaps even just a great picture of a local spot in the sunshine or sunset…

You can even make your pictures more interactive by using pictures from your customers or audience (with their permission of course). It might be something like: thanks Mr Smith for sending us this lovely picture of him enjoying the new dessert on our menu on his birthday. Please send us your pictures…

And don’t forget, you can also attach videos to your posts. Come on now, don’t be shy…