One of the keys to a successful marketing campaign is targeting the right audience, and Google’s new Display Planner helps your business do just that.

The new free tool was launched last week. The idea is that you type in details about your product or campaign and Google Display Planner suggests where to run your adverts – whether it be websites, mobile aps or video channels.

It will also come up with useful keywords and other ideas to use in your advertising campaign and estimate how many weekly impressions you can expect and what the financial reward is likely to be based on statistical data. The planner will also predict the age, gender etc of your likely audience.

Google Display Planner is part of the Google AdWords UI (user interface) so it is easy for your business to go ahead with the suggested advertising campaign if you choose to, with just one click.

To make sure future campaigns are even more spot-on, a Demographic Performance report will also be available, telling your company how different genders and ages have reacted to your advertising – the number of clicks from each demographic group and how these have been converted into business. This will help you improve advertising in the future and make it more cost-effective.

Google says: “We hope these new features will give you more insights, better ways to act on them, and an easier and more efficient way for you to buy display ads.”

It has launched initially in the US but will be appearing globally in the next few weeks, so definitely one to look out for.