Infoserve celebrated 5 years as the exclusive UK advertising partner for Yahoo! Local in 2012.

As the only official Yahoo! Local sales partner in the UK, Infoserve helps small and medium-sized businesses utilise the power of Yahoo! to reach customers.

Potential customers from your area visit Yahoo! Local every day.


  • There are 36 million people (aged 15+) online in the UK and Yahoo! reaches over 80% of them.
  • 72% have purchased products or services online in the last six months.
  • 43% have been swayed by Internet advertising to buy something online in the past month.

24/7 Advertising

Yahoo! Local is a great place to advertise your business 24/7.

It offers you fixed price, fixed term advertising solutions.  Your Yahoo! Local listing can display your contact details, business information and a link to your own website.

Find out more about Yahoo! Local and how it works here.


1. GB TGI Net 2010 Q3 (36m people online in UK 15+, 72% purchased and 43% swayed.)
2. ComScore September 2010 (Yahoo! 80% reach)