Word of mouth is a great way of improving your company’s presence online. That might not come as a great surprise but the issue of course, is how to make it happen.

An article on the ClickZ website this week suggests businesses are not making word of mouth enough of a priority and offers expert opinions on how to increase online uptake.

One idea is for marketing staff to look at exactly why certain videos online go “viral”. The answer often lies in the way they bring out emotions in us – making us laugh or tugging at the heartstrings. They also show us something we have not seen before.

So businesses should be aiming to do the same. I know I am much more likely to remember something I have seen online, and tell another person about it, if it has provoked an emotion in me or shown me something unusual.

It might seem obvious, but the other tip suggested in the article is to make it easy to share. As with the “like” on Facebook, consumers are more likely to share, pass on or comment on something if all it takes is a quick click.

Freebies, competitions and coupons are also good ways of grabbing attention and getting your message out there.

Other advice includes knowing your audience, not necessarily trying to reach everyone and trying to show the human side of your business so that people want to be associated with it.