If you want your website to rank organically in the search engines and give a good user experience, ensure that your content is fresh and relevant.

You should be posting regularly to your website, blog and any social media profiles you have.  It is SEO-friendly to update regularly and will help keep your site in the search engines’ minds.  View it as keeping the conversation channels open and letting search engines/people know you are there.

Relevant keywords

To increase your website or blog’s visibility and attract more visitors and followers, you need to ensure that you use relevant keywords and phrases.  These need to be relevant to your products and services.  Put some planning and thought into this in order to make sure you choose and use the keywords and phrases you want to attract readers with.  Include the locations you wish to get found for too.

Interesting content

You want to keep the attention of your readers and hopefully get them to share your content.  The best way to do this is keep content fresh, interesting and relevant.  Keep an eye on news stories and any social media trends that may be relevant to your industry and write content about these.  You want to keep people coming back to your website for more you could create a question and answer section on your website or perhaps an advice centre.  There’s an example of an advice centre here:



Guest writers

You can ask people to write posts or blogs for your website as guest writers, or perhaps you could post or blog as a guest writer on another website or blog.


Make sure you create links.  You should be encouraging people to go from one page to another within your website.  For example, link your blog text to content in your website or perhaps online product descriptions.

Engage people

Your aim should be to get people wanting to come back to your website for more and one way of doing this is to create a series of content, maybe about a certain topic or product.  It will give them good reason to keep tuning in – rather like a good soap or drama series on television.

Remember the titles

Use titles in your content to keep people’s attention and also to help with SEO.