Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Imagine you were walking down the street wondering where to meet a friend for dinner that evening. You see a bus with an advert for a restaurant on its side, a billboard promoting another possible venue and you are handed a flier for a third. All three boast of their excellence, great prices, fantastic atmosphere and delicious menus. Then, as you continue to stroll and ponder, you bump into someone you know. You mention your dilemma and they recommend a fourth restaurant, with similar glowing reports to the adverts you have already seen. So, which restaurant do you choose? I know which one I would go for, the recommendation by the friend every time – and that is why giving people the option to share your business and messages is so important.

Because, if  you convert that street into a social media site, with the adverts all appearing as paid-for space and the personal recommendation being information directly sent to you by a friend or follower, the power of that share in a sea of information is immense.

That’s why it is crucial that businesses exploit every opportunity offered by social media by including ‘share’ buttons on websites, blog posts and emails. And don’t just go for the obvious contenders like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. While closed networking sites like What’s App do not have the equal ability to cascade information, they are very good in passing information between groups with a shared connection or interest – meaning recommendations made this way are more personal to them and therefore more effective.

Bearing in mind that you don’t want to dazzle visitors to your sites with so many share button options they don’t know what to click, it’s also worth keeping an eye on emerging social media and experimenting with share buttons to see what works for you and your business. If Pinterest doesn’t seem to generate traffic, then perhaps ditch it in favour of something else. Social media popularities ebb and flow, so it’s worth keeping your sites fresh and up-to-date to maximise the opportunities presented by the click of a button.