Thursday, 29 January 2015

Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Instagram seem to have achieved global domination but they shouldn’t be taking their popularity for granted. There are a number of up-and-coming social media apps that are set to storm into the social stratosphere in the near future.  So while most people now have a Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin account, where else should we be investing our time in order to keep up with the ever-growing digital world?

Aside from these major players, and the commonly used What’s App and Snapchat,  SocialB, a social media training company, have named some hot newcomers to watch out for in 2015:

Secret is an app that allows people to share messages secretly within their circle of friends, friends of friends, and to the wider public. Post your secret anonymously to your chosen audience, then you get to read everyone else’s secrets in return. The frustrating bit is that you obviously can’t tell who has posted what!

Next is Everyme – a handy app which lets you set up communities to share intimate moments, stories, and ideas with friends, families, and groups from anywhere in the world. It is considered a powerful alternative to SMS messaging.

Then there’s ello, which is basically a new version of Facebook marketing itself as ‘Simple, beautiful and ad-free’. Set up by an arty crowd, it provides you with a news feed comprised of posts generated by friends, in a stylish environment. The difference being that it is ad free. Where Facebook encourages businesses to pay to target users with marketing posts, there is no paid advertising on ello, thus, they claim, making it less irritating and more ethical than its predecessor. Our first thought? Give it a couple of years and they’ll be buying into advertising too so keep an eye on it and you could be there first.

The final two social media sites to look out for in 2015 are Unmetric – an in-depth social network analytics tool to help businesses enhance their content marketing – and Quicket, a tool to help promote events, spreading the word via social media and generating ticket sales.

With this ever-changing social landscape it’s never been so important to keep up with new developments and to remain flexible and reactive in your digital marketing strategy.