Customer Service

A customer’s initial purchase is based on brand, product, price and you. When your customers need to make contact, they expect their trust to be justified through the experience they receive and the manner in which they are treated.

Because of choice, competition, consumer knowledge and service expectation, it has never been more important to deliver the highest levels of customer experience without increasing costs or reducing quality.

Each time your customers make contact it offers an opportunity to reinforce brand and gain an understanding of their lifestyle and trends to enhance loyalty and lifetime value.

Infoserve understands that all customers are individuals in their need for service, sales or support.  We treat each customer as an individual, supporting them quickly and professionally – the first time, every time.  Keeping in contact and taking ownership and accountability of ongoing enquiries, further reinforcing that they matter, you want to support them and you value their custom.

Customer Services include:

  • Inbound and Outbound
  • Customer Services
  • Sales through Service
  • Up-Sell & Cross-Sell
  • Technical Support
  • Help Line Support
  • Brochure Requests
  • Web Chat
  • eCommerce / eRetail
  • Claims Management
  • Loyalty Programmes
  • Memberships Support
  • Administration
  • Donations
  • eMail
  • White Mail
  • Complaints
  • Overflow / Out Of Hours