Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Getting a website to rank organically is a challenge, but good content can help in your quest to appear above your competitors in the major search engines.

Gone are the days when you could keyword-stuff a page to get it found on the first page of results.  Search engines have become more sophisticated in delivering the best, most appropriate content to users.

Keywords are still important, but only when used sparingly and sensibly.  Your content should focus on the readers and not the search engine’s algorithm.  Write good content that meets readers’ requirements and you should fare well.

So, what is good content?  Well, keep it simple and short; people don’t have much time or long attention spans when it comes to searching and researching online.  Try to shorten any wordy sentences that people may find hard to understand.

Always pay attention to the metadata and create a catchy meta title and description for your content; this will help it rank, attract readers and get them to click through.

Pay Per Click

Of course, if you struggle to spend much time on content and search engine optimisation, which is time-consuming, you can use Pay Per Click marketing to get your business found on the major search engines.

Pay Per Click advertising is non-organic search results where you pay for every click on an advert that brings a consumer to your business.  This means you only pay when someone actually clicks on your advert.

Pay Per Click marketing

The concept of Pay Per Click marketing is that you bid how much you’ll pay per click.  You can do this yourself, or get an online marketing company to look after this for you.  Another form of online advertising is reach-based, where you pay for the number of impressions you receive (this is the number of unique visitors who see your advert).

Infoserve specialises in Pay Per Click search engine marketing, helping businesses get found on the search engines Google and Bing.  We are a trusted Google Premier Partner; when we set up a Pay Per Click campaign for you on Google you can track phone calls and leads in your performance dashboard.  We also offer £150 worth of Google AdWords free when you begin a campaign.

Infoserve is the UK’s first Bing Ads Elite Partner and Pay Per Click advertising on Bing allows you access to a new, mature audience with Bing’s 26% market share.  Our Bing Ads Elite Partner team offers comprehensive support and you can get your business found on the first page of Bing on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Remarketing opportunities

We also offer remarketing opportunities, allowing you to reach people who have previously been on your website.  Remarketing allows you to follow previous website visitors around the web with your adverts.  Your ads are seen across a network of over two million websites.  You can retarget people who you didn’t convert into customers the first time around.

Infoserve can help you with Pay Per Click

On the surface Pay Per Click and remarketing may sound straight-forward, but to make your adverts work and have the best effect possible on your business, there are a number of things that need to be taken into account.  These include keywords, the content for your adverts and conversion; the clicks are only any good to you if they are converted – may be by getting the visitor to make a purchase, subscribe, or complete a form.

Changing, monitoring and reporting on what works and what doesn’t for your Pay Per Click and remarketing advertising is crucial to making it successful, and Infoserve can look after all this for you.

Infoserve has more than 17 years’ experience of online marketing and all our campaigns are monitored by Google or Bing.  We offer you hourly campaign and budget management for maximum Return on Investment.

We offer:

  • Expanded keyword research
  • Dedicated guru
  • Certified professionals
  • Performance reporting
  • Advanced optimisation
  • Market-leading technology

Free website

Infoserve offers a selection of Pay Per Click packages, which include a free 3-page website (usually £199).

For more details, or to speak to a member of our dedicated Pay Per Click and remarketing team, please get in touch now.  Call us on 0800 089 0879.  You can find more information about all our online marketing services, including Pay Per Click, Web Design, Local Listings and Social Media, on the Infoserve website.