Online marketing solutions that bring results.

Infoserve is a leader in online local search marketing. Our portfolio of online marketing solutions brings business to SMEs by utilising the power of the online local search market.

Our innovative product portfolio will get your business found by people actively looking online for your products or services in a specific location. These local searches bring together buyers and sellers at just the right time in the buying cycle.

Get your business found online at the optimum time through local search.

What is local search?

Local search is when customers look for products and services in a specific location, such as…


How to put your business in front of people searching locally?

Customers searching online mainly use search engines, which link them to businesses. To access the online customer market your business needs to appear on these search engines. Our online marketing products can help you with that.

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How big is local search?

  • There are almost 50m people (80%) in the UK with Internet access (1)
  • 86% of all local searches are online (2)
  • 90% of these searches result in offline activity (3)
  • 61% of offline activity results in a purchase (4)
  • 90% of consumer purchases are made within 20 miles of where people live or work (5)


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