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In today’s world of social interaction businesses cannot ignore the power of Social Media. Social Media offers businesses the opportunity to engage with a previously untapped audience, utilising word of mouth to interact with a larger, much more targeted, audience, and more importantly get noticed online.

Infoserve’s Social Media product enables a company to present a branded, consistent image across all of the major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+, helping to increase traffic to your website and therefore generate an increase in new business.  We will design bespoke Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ pages for your business based on your corporate branding: presenting a strong, consistent image to your existing and potential customers.

Using Social Media allows you to interact more closely with your customers allowing them to see a much more human side to your business; customer server enquiries can be handled much more efficiently, conversations regarding your industry or business can be monitored and approached. You will also gain improved insights about your target audience and develop a better understanding of customers’ perception of your brand.

The Social Media packages we offer include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ page design and we will help you get likes and followers.

We will help you utilise the power of Social Media to boost your business.  Contact us now for more information about Infoserve’s Social Media product.


Facebook is a social networking service that has over 900 million members(1) around the world.  The social network allows people to connect with friends, share photos, links and videos – all within one easy-to-use website.  Facebook is also used to share opinions and recommendations and can be utilised as a platform for word-of-mouth marketing for businesses.

With millions of users using Facebook, businesses have the opportunity to target their audience and demographic and build relationships with users who are interested in their products and services.

Facebook is an excellent business tool as it allows companies to connect with their existing customers and reach new ones.  A strong presence on Facebook can result in improved sales, greater customer reach and increased brand awareness.

Facebook users comment around 3.2 billion times every day(2) so make yourself part of the conversation with a Facebook page from Infoserve.

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Twitter is an information network that connects users to the latest stories, opinions and ideas in real time.  There are over 140 million Twitter users globally and 340 million Tweets are sent per day(3).

Twitter users can tweet about anything from their opinion on last night’s TV to business recommendations.  Twitter creates conversations between users and offers a great platform for businesses and customers to connect with one another quickly and effectively.  Tweets are limited to 140 characters so users can write succinctly and get straight to the point.

Twitter is a fast and simple way for businesses to connect to customers in real time; it allows business to share information, build relationships with customers, influencers and partners, get feedback and discover what their customers are saying about them(4).  With Twitter, companies can target an engaged audience who want to hear about their latest news and services.

Twitter is an excellent way for you to connect and communicate with your customers, so contact Infoserve today for more information about our Twitter packages.

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Google+ has over 250 million users(5) and aims to help “start real conversations with the right people”(6).

Google+ users can connect with different circles and arrange their connections depending on their relationships with them.  For businesses this means that companies can target different groups on Google+ depending on their interests, for example customers and suppliers can be sent different messages.

Google+ allows businesses to develop and build relationships with their customers by sharing promotions, thoughts, links and photos.  It has been developed so that the right information can be sent to the right people in a measurable and accountable manner.  Google+ includes easy-to-use measurement tools so that companies can measure their activity and how it has impacted on their business.

Google+ is a great way to share targeted information about your business with different groups.  Take control of your Social Media and connect with your stakeholders with Google+ and Infoserve.

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YouTube is visited by 800 million unique users every month(7) and 72 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute(8).  The video sharing website allows users to watch billions of videos and offers a platform for visitors to create, inform and connect with others.

YouTube provides a way for businesses to engage their customers and potential customers with online videos.  YouTube videos can be hosted on the website, embedded onto your company’s website, shared across social networks and throughout the Internet.

Businesses can create anything from instructional videos to product overviews and by posting their videos on YouTube, they are sharing their knowledge and expertise with an engaged audience.

You can interact and connect with your customers with YouTube and receive feedback from them about your videos and your business.  Harness the power of video and viral marketing with YouTube and Infoserve.

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