Wednesday, 15 November 2017

You’ve heard of Black Friday of course, but is it just a gimmick for large businesses and online retailers, or can smaller companies benefit?

The phenomenon of Black Friday, once just a US campaigning strategy, has become bigger and bigger in the UK every year. This means that many consumers now have this date etched in their diary for doing the bulk of their Christmas shopping. (It is November 24 by the way!)

Since the shopping date has become such a big event, small and medium size businesses (SMEs) can really cash in on the attention.

Black Friday is the day retailers offer special offers, discounts and deals to pull in the business. So if you are planning to run any kind of special offers, this day is the time to do it. Consumers are much more likely to see your deals on this day as they will be actively on the lookout for money saving promotions.

The promotional event doesn’t have to be limited to businesses selling products either – why not use it to entice shoppers into your restaurant or café, or even use it as a way of drawing attention to your car workshop.

Remember, of course, it’s all about the preparation. Tell people about the deals you are planning to offer in advance. Use the weeks and days leading up to Black Friday to promote your deals on your website and through social media. The more times you can mention Black Friday in your online marketing, the more chance you will have of being found.