Most of us are aware how music can be used to influence customers’ buying habits in stores, or how important shop or showroom design is when thinking about encouraging people to spend money. But how many businesses carry this theory through to their website presence?

The design of your website plays a huge role in the way customers feel about your business. Everything from subtle differences in colour to the typeface used will have an impact on the mood and emotions of the viewer.

The science behind design was demonstrated this week by Heineken, which has redesigned its can in a way that aims to appeal to contemporary urban men. The new can has slight changes in colour and a big red star that designers feel gives it a more masculine and thirst-quenching look.

How does your website make your customers feel? What thought process is behind the colours you have used? Have you thought about where the customer’s eye goes first when they open each page? Who is your website going to appeal to the most?

A clever use of colours, images, typeface and layout can make all the difference to your online presence. Maybe you need to inspire your customers, or maybe the most important emotion you want to evoke is trust.

Investing time, money and expertise in your website design has enormous benefits for your business.

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