It’s New Year’s resolution time

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

We all know we should be eating less rubbish, going to the gym more, drinking less alcohol etc, but what New Year’s resolutions should we be making in the workplace.

In terms of our marketing goals, there are plenty of predictions out there concerning trends for 2014, but one that sticks out is content, content, content (okay that’s three).

Most online marketing experts agree that businesses will need to fine-tune their content this year to make the most of their social media and online presence.

Content needs to be relevant to what audiences are really searching for online. It won’t just be about keywords, but about what useful and interesting information you are actually providing.

It’s not all about the words though. Visual content is said to be gaining more influence. So making sure your content looks great is going to be important as well.

Mobile phones will also of course be increasingly important in people’s lives in 2014. This means your website and its content need to translate well onto a mobile or tablet screen. Strong use of social media is also another way of reaching your audiences via their mobile devices.

Granted, that’s a lot to think about all in one go, especially when you are going through your paces on the running machine and drinking a smoothie at the same time!

But don’t forget, experts at Infoserve can provide all the help you need to get your online presence in order for 2014.

Embrace social media in the run-up to Christmas

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Social media should be an integral part of any marketing or pr strategy and the run-up to Christmas is the ideal time to fully embrace social networking to attract, encourage and make sales.

social media at Christmas

Statistics for social networking in the UK highlight that no business can afford to ignore social media, or does so at its peril.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics and Eurostat released earlier this year revealed that the number of adults accessing the Internet every day in Great Britain more than doubled between 2006 and 2012: from 16 million to 33 million.

One of the most significant changes in the way in which individuals communicate over the Internet is a recent growth in social networking.  In 2012, almost half of all adults (48%) used social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

It’s worth noting that although the use of social networking is lower among the older population, its use is not exclusive to younger age groups.  In 2012, 62% of adults aged 35 to 44, and 40% of adults aged 45 to 54 used social networks to communicate online.

Any business wanting to reach and influence today’s public, needs to be using social media.

In the run-up to Christmas you can let your creative juices flow and create an innovative, fun social media campaign.  Always remember to focus on the aims of any social media: to increase your fan base, drive traffic to your website, promote and build brand awareness, build your email or mailing list, gather data, or drive those Christmas sales.

You could create a Count Down to Christmas Advent Calendar on your Facebook page, which offers the opportunity to give away a new product, discount code or interesting fact each day.  This is a great way to encourage repeat visits, encourage sharing and reinforce your brand.  You can expect lots of new likes and an increase in engagement.

Another idea is a Christmas photography and/or video competition.  People are usually in festive mood and happy to get involved in a competition like this, which can create a viral effect.  All you need to do is invite people to upload pictures or videos and other users to vote on the entries.

You could choose a theme such as ‘Best Christmas Song’ for video or perhaps ‘Best Decorated Christmas Tree’ or ‘Most Creative Snowman’ for photograph.

It’s time to get your Santa hat on and start thinking of ideas to promote your business through social media this Christmas.

If you would like some help with your social media now and over the festive period, get in touch with Infoserve.  We offer a package that includes bespoke Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ pages that will bring you close to your customers and potential new customers.  Find out more about Infoserve’s social media packages here.

Tricks to turn your social media fans into loyal customers

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

It is one thing to have your business’s social media tools picking up pace and fans and followers along with it, but it’s quite another to turn them into bone fide customers. Social media only really works for firms when they turn interactions in industry, tweeting into trade and engagements into enterprise. But how do you do it?

Co-founder of social media marketing intelligence firm Tailwind, Danny Maloney, offered some tips on just that to Entrepreneur Magazine:


Small-to-medium-sized companies must use a targeted approach instead of the wide scale and far reaching methods of large brands. Time and resources should instead be spent more wisely, chiefly on customers they are likely to get on board. Do this by using tools to monitor phrases and keywords which relate to your business, Maloney advises, and respond to whatever people say accordingly. Good tools to try are Mention and Tagboard.


Don’t just do it, let them know you’re doing it. Social media is a backwards and forwards medium and firms should feel obliged to engage and be responsive. Maloney says: “If they took the time to share a blog post you wrote or to give you a positive review, be listening for it and thank them.”

A good way of showing your brand cares is to bring advocates on board. Get them to blog or review for you, and in turn they will shout on your behalf.

Offer incentives and rewards

To keep your fans and customers returning, give them something to do so. Discounts and offers go a long way to saying thank you and makes people feel valued, which in turn makes them an even stronger supporter.

High quality content

Use a specific set of subjects to provide interesting content, which will enhance your relationship via social media. Don’t just bombard them with sales talk. Maloney says: “If you’re a consumer-facing company, it’s more important to share something that’s interesting and sharable so your audience will propagate the message.” Don’t forget to tailor your content to specific networking sites and be clever in how you present your content. Keep them coming back for more with the best content and you will see them returning as customers too.

Online marketing help

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Online marketing can seem like a minefield.  Nowadays many businesses operate solely online and it’s important you give the time needed to your online marketing.  Your website is your shop front and the Internet is the vehicle for putting your product in front of customers. Continue reading “Online marketing help”