Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Is your brand tablet-friendly?

You may think your company’s website looks okay, but do you ever try really using it on a tablet or other android device?

If you are sitting at a computer or laptop all day, it’s possible you aren’t testing out your own website properly on a tablet.

However, there are many surveys out there that make it quite clear your customers are probably doing just that. Internet use on tablets and phones is becoming increasingly popular, with people accessing the web at all times of the day, from all kinds of places – including their bed!Tablets were reported to be top of the Christmas lists last year, with many new and cheaper versions being brought out to make them more accessible for all.

As a business, you need to be experiencing your internet presence the way your customers are. Try out your website on your smart phone or tablet and see just how user friendly it is.

Think about the customers you are targeting and what their habits and patterns are likely to be in today’s world. Do you expect them to be looking at the internet on a computer at work or are they more likely to be surfing on the train to work, on the sofa in the evening or while they are waiting for the kids to finish their swimming lesson?

It all comes back to the same point: your website has five seconds to grab their attention: if that five seconds is spent trying to view a page that does not translate very well on an android device, then the five seconds is wasted and your customer will move on.