Tuesday, 16 October 2018

What do your customers want? What are they looking for? Any successful business will be asking these questions on a regular basis.

The digital world is a great place in which to find the answers.

Firstly, you can ask for feedback from your existing customers either via email, social media or your website. Ask them specific questions such as what attracted you to our brand in the first place, what did you like about our product/services? What suggestions do you have for improvements to our products/services? What would persuade you to use us again?

Perhaps you can even provide incentive for feedback – special offers/money off vouchers.

Another question always worth asking is how did you find us? This allows you to establish which areas of marketing are working and getting results. Narrow this down even further by asking what they liked about your website or social media page or what they didn’t like.

Not only does this give you extremely valuable feedback, but it also makes customers feel valued and keeps a dialogue/relationship going with them.

Another cheeky way in which you can find out what customers want is by reading reviews on websites/social media of your competitors. What did customers like and dislike about the products/services of your nearest rivals? What did people like and dislike about big well-known brands who are in your line of business?