Wednesday, 29 November 2017

You’ve probably been told already to make sure your company website is ‘mobile friendly’ or ‘tablet friendly’ but what exactly does that mean?

You’ve doubtless wondered: ‘is this just a way of getting me to spend more money, or is there a good reason why I need a new website?’

The answer is, there are very good reasons why your website needs to be structured to be mobile and tablet compatible.

A site that hasn’t been built for tablets and mobiles will not resize correctly for a small screen – this means your audience will not see the entire page – making it very difficult to follow, use or read.

If your website is not designed for tablets and mobiles, it is likely to be very slow loading. And remember that old figure of having just five seconds to grab the attention of your audience before they move somewhere else…

You know how frustrating it can be trying to use fingers and thumbs on your touch screen sometimes. At least with a mobile-friendly site, the navigation has been designed and built to make navigation easier.

The amount of content you have on your website may be fine for a laptop or computer, but it is unlikely to work for a mobile or tablet. It is often essential to crunch your copy and amount of content down significantly for mobile audiences.

If you have forms on your website to collect customer details or even for ordering items, these need to be redesigned for mobiles and tablets to ensure your customers can use them without having to zoom in or out, scroll up and down or side to side etc…

These are just a few of the very legitimate reasons why your website needs to be designed for all of today’s modern devices. Please get in touch with experts at Infoserve to find out more: phone us now on 0800 089 0879.