Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The potential power of online advertising is shown in recently published figures revealing that almost a fifth of young people spend seven hours online each day.

The statistic that nearly one-fifth of 16-24 year olds spend as many as seven hours online each day shows why brands need to focus on and invest in their online advertising strategies.
Ofcom data reveals that young people in the UK can spend the equivalent of two full days online each week. That is a significant amount of time.
In total, 1.1 million people aged 16 to 24 spend over 50 hours on the internet each week, compared to only one per cent of the country’s 55 to 64-year-olds.
These figures emphasise the need for brands to focus heavily on their digital advertising strategies when targeting a young audience; as they are spending so much time online this is where they are most likely to be targeted successfully.
We should also report that Ofcom found that many young people are becoming more aware of how much time they spend online; 15 per cent admitted to being more productive and 19 per cent said they were less distracted when they spend time offline.
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