Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Are you finding that you’re sending out marketing emails but no one is reading them? Don’t abandon this important communications tool – instead take some time to look at the emails you are sending and make sure you’re not making these common email marketing mistakes.

Your subject line is just a bit, well, dull

Many people will decide whether to open an email simply by glancing at the subject line. Keep it short (under 50 characters), keep it specific, and if you can, make it personal. Subject lines including ‘free’ or ‘% off’ come across as very salesy, instead use your subject line to raise curiosity, cause excitement or create a sense of urgency.

Your ‘from’ address isn’t personal

If your email address is generic or corporate this could be adversely affecting your open rate. People are more likely to open an email that comes from a person, rather than

Your timing’s not right

Timing is everything, and when it comes to email marketing big brands spend a lot of time and resource analysing their data to make sure they are sending out communications on the right day at the right time. These timings aren’t going to be the same for every business so you’ll need to set time aside to analyse all the data you’ve collected and use it to spot any trends. If you’re still not sure set up some test mails, varying the time of day and day of week and see which perform best.

You’ve sent too many

If you haven’t grown your mailing list and open rates have fallen off a cliff chances are your database are just a bit tired of hearing from you. Perhaps you’ve overdone it on the frequency of mail-outs or you’re not offering anything new or different in the messages you are sending out. Or…

You’re not targeting the right audience

Not every email you send is going to be relevant to every person in your database. Make sure you’ve segmented your database into different groups, and then create emails specifically for each of your groups or categories.

There’s nothing in it for me

Always consider, ‘what’s in it for the person reading my email’. Keep your customer front of mind when sending out your marketing message. You know why it makes business sense for you but you’ll only achieve decent open and click through rates if you’re actually offering something your contacts need or want.