5 new ways to make the most of Twitter in business marketing

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

We all know that tweeting and retweeting frequently is key when using Twitter as a business, and that hashtags are important when it comes to maximising the effectiveness of tweets, as are twitter handles, photos or images, and making sure you get your point across clearly using just 140 characters. But as with all the other social networks, Twitter is constantly evolving. So what else should we know about when it comes to using it to market your business effectively? Continue reading “5 new ways to make the most of Twitter in business marketing”

April Fools fun

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

It seems like pretty much every day of the year is a national or international day of something. During March in the US they make an event out of some of the most bizarre things including National Fruit Compote Day, National Cold Cuts Day, National Salesperson Day and National Frozen Food Day. In the UK we seem to take things a little more seriously, with fewer events covering more sensitive topics. For example, in April we have IBS awareness month, mathematics awareness month, stress awareness month and world haemophilia day. Continue reading “April Fools fun”

The importance of video in social media marketing

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Not so long ago everyone was talking about how you must use images or photos in your social media posts in order to catch the eye of your audience, maximise interaction and therefore exposure of your band or business. As always in the digital world, things move on, and whilst images and photos are still valuable, it’s now increasingly all about video. Continue reading “The importance of video in social media marketing”