Thursday, 14 July 2016

What goes on behind the scenes is as important as the front page when it comes to your website.

Your site can have the best design, content and graphics, but if it sits on page 20 of a Google search, no-one is going to see it.

Getting your SEO right is not an easy task and there is no magic list of solutions that will guarantee you that coveted place at the top.

There are many professionals, however, making it their job to understand the science of search engines in order to help businesses get a fair stab at getting on that first results page.

Having the correct meta data and keywords on your site and in the site’s code is a very good step in the right direction.

Just like having the lights and sound system working at a theatre performance, work that goes on out of view is crucial to making your website a success.

Search Engine Optimisation experts will first be able to help you establish the key words and phrases for your business – this should include the area you cover and the name of your service or product.

Inserting these terms into the meta data of your website (using a limited number of characters) will help your site to be scanned and found for the correct search terms.

There is no golden ticket for achieving the dizzy heights of the top of search engine results, but there are plenty of clever steps you can take to climb your way up there.

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