Thursday, 9 May 2013

The financial crisis has led to much doom and gloom in the business world in recent years, but online marketing is one area that paints a much more positive picture.

Advertising on the web has totally bucked the trend, with the BBC reporting that spending topped $100bn for the first time last year.

Many thought that advertising budgets would have been the first area to suffer as businesses tried to tighten their belts, but this has not been the case.

Companies have realised that internet marketing campaigns allow them to accurately target the right audience with the help of data mining and tracking technology.

This means companies can see what customers are looking at online and try to predict spending habits.

Adverts online are therefore more likely to generate cash for a company than a traditional TV ad or campaign in the print media.

The BBC reports that digital marketing now accounts for nearly one in five advertising dollars, and this is predicted to keep increasing over the next two years.

The BBC spoke to some students at the British Museum about online advertising. Manuel said:  “From the advertiser’s point of view it’s really cool because you are speaking to the precise target, right?

“So they know what I’m doing, they know what I like. My girlfriend doesn’t know that much about me.”

Ruth added: “It’s more targeted when I seem to access my cookies and such, that’s when I get – depending on where I’m browsing from, if it’s my laptop or my home computer or my laptop – more the cosmetic stuff and clothing and things like that.

“It catches my eye and I might come back to it later, so yes, it does work.”