Tuesday, 10 January 2017

When the president elect uses social media to communicate his views, you know it’s time for you to get tech savvy.

So what do you need to be doing to keep up to date with your online marketing tools in 2017? What can we expect this year?

Well, we hate to be repetitive, but mobile responsive web design still seems to be high on the list of ‘must haves’.

Smart Insights writer Dave Chaffey explains: “Research shows that retail conversion rates are significantly lower on smartphone, so there is work to be done for many businesses to optimise conversion on mobile.”

He adds: “Mobile also has a large impact on search marketing as Google vigorously follows its mobile first mantra.”

So, if making your website more mobile friendly was hiding somewhere on your ‘to do’ list, it’s worth making it a priority as you start the year with fresh goals for your business.

Apologies again, but another prediction from the marketing experts seems to be that familiar adage ‘content is king’. For those of you who are not sure what that means exactly, it means giving your online customers/audience something worthwhile and interesting.

This will vary from business to business but an example might be to use your website for tips and advice – for a mechanic this might be offering to tell your customers what basic weekly and monthly maintenance they should carry out on their car etc.

As Justin Wilson of the Business 2 Community website points out: “Consumers see hundreds of adverts per day which means two things: firstly, they are probably bored of them and secondly, they can spot a bad advert from a mile away. Impactful, visual content with a narrative will win in a very busy field in 2017.”

So, for now, it’s the same old messages, keep on top of these things and you’re on your way to winning!