Wednesday, 8 October 2014

It can be difficult to “move with the times” and social media may seem both irrelevant and slightly daunting for many of the more traditional, or old-fashioned industries.

Take the financial sector for example. Many of those working in the financial field may wonder what on earth the internet and social media can really do to improve their business.

FT Advisor, the publication for the financial intermediary market, recently reported how many financial advisers will understandably not entertain the world of social media.

Philip Calvert, founder of the social network for advisers LifeTalk, told the publication: “Many of them simply do not believe it has any part to play in an adviser’s business, and they will often use compliance as the reason why they cannot or will not take it forward. I encourage advisers to use social media to build trust, which is never likely to be of concern to their compliance people.”

The report also pointed out that advisers using social media for business have seen an 11 per cent increase in clients in the past year.

Whilst it’s a lot easier to see the benefits of the internet on businesses that have been built up around it, industries who have “survived perfectly well in the past without it” can find it more difficult to embrace. But the world, and the business world, is a changing place and no matter how much of a cliché it is, we really do need to move with the times.

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