Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sharing is no longer a word that just relates to children and their toys…this is now a valuable concept that can make a big difference to your company success.

A recent report shows just how important sharing can be in terms of actual customer spending.

The study was carried out by social data and sharing tool Share This and the Paley Center for Media. It found that online approval/good reviews from other customers could increase the likelihood of further sales by up to 9.5%.

There are many ways in which your customers can ‘share’ online. By having a Facebook presence, for example, your followers can send out any offers or deals from your page to all their family and friends (possibly hundreds of them) with just one click. Imagine how much longer it would take you to post the same number of leaflets through letterboxes or hand them out in the street!

Your Twitter followers can also help you share your news. Through a solid Twitter presence, you have the opportunity to reach not only your loyal customers, but all their followers as well.

We’ve always known word of mouth is priceless in business, but social media takes this to a whole new level; suddenly we all have many more friends. Think about it, how many different people do you speak to in a day? Compare this with the number of people on your own personal social media accounts and it’s likely to be at least double.

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