Thursday, 23 February 2017

Good news for small businesses – Google Maps’ latest list option gives your customers even more opportunity to share their favourite places.

The idea behind the facility is to allow people to keep lists of restaurants or other places they want to try or have tried – with the option of sharing these lists with their friends.

The lists are created in the Google Maps app and can include things like: “Want to Go” or “Favourites” or “Recommendations”. Icons for places saved to lists will then appear on the map itself.

Friends visiting town can then use the lists of friends to choose somewhere to eat, drink or stay. Friends living nearby might also use them if they are looking for a decent mechanic or perhaps a window cleaner…The opportunities are endless.

Recommendations are a great and crucial part of picking up new business for small and medium sized companies and this resource has the ability to really boost that side of your online marketing.

Think about it, how many times have you said to a friend something like: “oh, what was the name of that company we hired the skip from” or “we had a lovely Sunday lunch in a country pub a few months ago, I can’t remember the name”.

Google explains: “Because sharing is caring, we made it easy to share lists like “Best Views in SF” via text, email, social networks and popular messaging apps.

“With the millions of landmarks, businesses and other points of interest in Google Maps, there’s no shortage of places to try.”

All you need to do is ensure your business is listed on Google Maps and then hopefully, your happy customers will do the rest!