Thursday, 25 April 2013

Infoserve Group plc is delighted to announce it has just agreed a three-year partnership contract with PruHealth for lead generation services.  This new contract sees Infoserve recruiting for additional sales centre staff.

“Infoserve is proud to have been awarded a three-year partnership contract with PruHealth, a leading UK private medical insurance and wellness programme provider, providing lead generation to support their healthcare advisors in strategic areas throughout the UK,” said Derek Oliver, Infoserve’s founder and Chief Executive Officer.

He added: “The PruHealth contract further establishes Infoserve as a trusted provider of quality outsourced solutions services and we are initiating a recruitment drive to expand our sales centre team.”

Infoserve, an established name in online local search marketing, launched outsourced solutions services during 2011 to support companies requiring outsourcing services through inbound or outbound customer contact strategies.

“Infoserve has over 15 years’ experience in sales centre operations with well-established centres in Leeds and Darlington,” said Derek.

He added: “Infoserve has established itself as a first class, trusted outsourcing partner of many businesses through a committed approach to customer acquisition, retention, customer service, lifecycle management, back office functions and project incubation.  The three-year PruHealth contract further cements our reputation in this field.”

The Infoserve recruitment drive has begun with interviews being held over the next couple of months.  The sales centre roles offer development and career opportunities at all levels including: telesales, tele-appointers, quality assurance, management, MI analysts and training.

“We offer a comprehensive range of outsourced sales centre services, with the flexibility to scale up and down to meet requirements,” said Derek, adding: “We work with a wide range of sectors helping to build stronger customer relationships.”

Infoserve was founded in October 1999.  The company has developed and grown significantly since then and is now a leading provider of online marketing solutions for SMEs in the UK with established sales teams in Leeds and Darlington and a strong and developing portfolio of products, and a trusted provider of outsourced solutions services.

Anyone interested in joining Infoserve should contact the company’s Recruitment Hotline on +44 (0)845 36 77 600 or see the company’s website.

If you would like more information about Infoserve’s outsourced solutions services contact Mark Boyce, Infoserve’s General Sales Manager, on +44 (0)845 36 77 200, or email

Members of the Infoserve PruHealth sales team at Darlington.