Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Are you feeling unloved? What’s wrong? You did what you were supposed to and got your business Facebook page and Twitter account up and running, but nobody is following you and ‘likes’ are something you can only dream of…

Getting your business onto social media is just the start – once you are on, the streets are not instantly paved with gold unfortunately, you have to keep working at it.

It might sound obvious, but the first thing to be aware of is that you have to be adding posts regularly. Social media audiences are fickle and they will stop checking in with you unless you have something to say. Who wants to keep looking at the same page after all?

Secondly, of course, you need to say something your audience will find so interesting, they can’t resist commenting or sharing it.

Does that sound tricky? It shouldn’t be really. After all, who knows your audience better than you? Who knows your product better than you? If you can’t be inspiring and passionate about your business and what it offers, who can?

Another tip – don’t always fall into the trap of trying to promote/sell yourself. Sometimes it can be good to just engage with your audience, have a dialogue with them so they think of you as an interesting online acquaintance or even friend, rather than a salesperson.

Also, be human – try to have a sense of humour, not take yourself too seriously and accept any negative comments in a professional and honest way, just as you would any other complaint from a customer. Nobody is immune from making mistakes, but as long as other customers see you dealing effectively and fairly, your reputation should remain intact.

Finally, try to think of your social media presence as an extra service to your customers – tell them something useful, share information. Hopefully, that way you will start to make plenty of friends in your new technological playground.