Wednesday, 30 January 2013

When it comes to managing social media for a business it can seem overwhelming.  Looking after a number of social profiles each day can soon get on top of you and start to drive you mad.

You need to concentrate on a few things each day to help build a positive brand and win engaged followers:

  • Check your social profiles daily: Log into your social profiles each day.  There is nothing worse than social profiles that are left unattended, so by logging on each day you can action any goals.  This may sound obvious, but you would be surprised how many businesses fail to do this.
  • Respond to direct communication from followers: When people communicate with you through your social profiles it is important that you respond, as they have taken the time and effort to engage with you.  This applies to positive and negative comments.
  • Encourage conversation through stimulating content: You can encourage interaction and engagement among your followers by posting status updates or messages.  Share articles, ask questions, comment on news items, post pictures or quotes, or ask for feedback on your services or products.
  • Seek new followers: It’s best that any new followers come from people who are engaged with and love your brand and website.  If you do want to attract more followers: perhaps your website is new and has not had time to build any traction, you can seek out people to follow (Twitter) or direct message people (Facebook).
  • Search for mentions of your Company online: A good habit to get into is doing a daily search for mentions of your Company, its products and/or services online.  You may be able to seek out and engage potential followers this way.

Social media is a highly effective way to market to people and is worth putting the work in.  Just remember to work smart.