Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Don’t be afraid of emotions.

You don’t have to start spilling your soul out to colleagues or crying into your morning coffee, but understanding emotions can really help your brand online.

Think about it, what are some of the most popular adverts on the internet or online? And why did they work so well?

The John Lewis Christmas adverts have become a highly talked about event of the year because of their sentimentality and the way they pull at the heartstrings.

And Dove’s various advertising campaigns have been a huge hit due to the way they have successfully tapped into the real emotions of their audience.

Your business may not lend itself to exactly the same approach as these big names, but the point is still the same. If you can find the right emotion to tap into, you will capture the imagination of your customers.

Think about what emotions your current online presence is likely to evoke in people. What do they feel when they look at your website for example? If your honest answer is bored, uninspired or even don’t know, then it’s an area worth addressing.

Try giving your potential customers something they can relate to. Just a careful use of words and colours on your website can make a huge difference.

It may sound like a cliché, but make sure you highlight your company’s ‘unique selling points’. Will customers be more likely to choose your brand because of its reliability or its price? Do you stand out because of your high levels of customer service or your ability to get the job done quickly? Once you can identify these areas, you can use them to really connect with the emotions of your audience.