Wednesday, 9 November 2016

With more and more Internet traffic being consumed via mobile phone, a way of combining traditional apps on your smartphone and how you visit a website on the Internet is being developed.

Apps are often a lot easier, quicker and more convenient to use than a traditional website may be, while websites tend to be reached by a wider audience and are more cost-effective.

However, a Progressive Web App (PWA) can bridge the gap between the two, and these could be a great way of developing your business online.

These create an app-like experience, which is very easy to use, but you can access this on your browser.

You can even add a shortcut to the PWA and rather than have to bookmark it or download it through the App Store, you can directly put that website onto your home screen.

The PWA sends push notifications to the phone even if the browser has been shut down and they are designed so that people can access them very quickly, which means you don’t have to wait for ages for it to load.

There is also a low data usage with PWAs, which makes them easier to access for people who are in areas with slow or limited internet access, and the navigation and layout on a PWA is much easier than accessing a website on a mobile phone.

Flipkart is an e-commerce site in India that has had fantastic results with its PWA.

Users are spending three times longer on its site than what they were doing previously, and there is three times lower data usage being used by people accessing the PWA.

Google is now looking into the best ways that PWAs can be recognised on their search engines, so this is clearly a way forward which could help businesses in the future.