Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Online marketing has stepped up a notch in 2016 as we see online and digital marketing slip into people’s everyday lives with ease. Technology is constantly changing and this allows marketing to change with it. Twenty years ago online marketing was not much heard of and fast forward to 2016 and it’s part of our daily lives.

Mobile marketing is a clever way to connect with a business’s customers and in one way, help increase sales and the image of a brand. The introduction of mobile apps has helped brands keep connected with customers on-the-go and many people favour using mobile phone apps over desktop apps because of this reason.  Mobile phone brands are now making it easier for people to use mobiles as portable laptops and computers, as the size of mobiles increase and handy and useful apps and features make it easier to work on-the-go and connect with people whilst out and about. The introduction of wearable technology is a new method of communicating and connecting with customers. Smart watches, such as the Apple Watch and the Samsung Gear smart watch, allow its users to be constantly connected with technology.

Integrating marketing within the digital and online world is now even easier with in-app marketing. As discussed earlier, mobile phones allow brands to be connected 24-7 and this is made possible with adding adverts into apps. Companies such as YouTube and Spotify allow integrated, auto-play adverts in their apps, which commonly play before videos and songs. This is a clever tool which helps develop a brand awareness and ultimately sales, just from a quick thirty second advert.

The future looks bright for online marketing as it becomes more and more integrated within social media, apps and mobile technology. It’s a more convenient way of putting a brand into the hands of a customer or potential customer, without being too ‘pushy’. In other words; online marketing is here to stay.