Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Do you wear a watch? If not, that could about to change. Although initial designs have been around for a few years now, it’s only in recent months that we’ve seen the explosion of the smartwatch in the UK and around 15 million Apple Watches are predicted to be sold this year. It seems it’s now not so much a desire to own a Rolex, but instead a watch that will put people in control of their life, as well as their time keeping. With numerous companies set to release smartwatches in the coming months, what impact do we expect these gadgets to have on the world of email marketing?


Obviously the screen of a smartwatch is limited in size in comparison to the smartphone. This immediately rings alarm bells for those that utilise email newsletters as part of their marketing strategy. It is critical that content provides immediate value as the user has the option to swipe to delete emails in an instant. Be sure to make sure your message subject line, header and opening line are all short, sharp and engaging.

These days it’s all about the visuals of a campaign – big, bright, captivating images. However, most smartwatches display emails as text only. It’s time to make sure you always provide content rich, text versions of any emails sent in order to engage the smartwatch users. Also, as these users are not able to tap links or engage with content on their wrist, it’s likely you’ll see engagement rates fall as the smartphone user base grows. Therefore, a change in how you monitor campaign effectiveness is required.

An effective alternative to an email for smartwatch users is the push notification. If done correctly, you’ll be giving consumers high-value information when and where they want it.

These are just a few of the immediate impacts the smart watch will have on email marketing. One thing is for sure, it’s time to re-evaluate your digital marketing techniques in this continuously evolving ‘smart’ era of digital technology.