Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Social Media Management Software (SMMS) is the name given to a software suite that exists to assist an organisation in successfully engaging in social media across different channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked in or Instagram. SMMS is used to save time and increase efficiency for those that use multiple social media channels. They do this by monitoring inbound and outbound conversations, documenting social marketing initiatives and evaluating the usefulness of a social media presence. [TechTarget]

Social Media picture

Many share similarities, such as the ability to schedule posts and add photos or videos. Beyond that, the features such as price, social networks to choose from, posting interface and data reporting vary greatly. There are a number of tools to choose from. Three of the most talked about include Hootsuite, CrowdBooster and Social Management Tool.

Hootsuite claims to be the world’s most widely used social relationship platform, with over 10 million users from all over the world. It integrates with over 25 social networks and enables the user to schedule and manage their social outreach, engaging with people across all your accounts, on a single dashboard. Hootsuite provides real-time analysis and easy to evaluate metrics.

CrowdBooster allows you to schedule unlimited Facebook and Twitter posts, track the growth or your audience, and inform you of the best time/day to reach and engage with them. It provides a dashboard, with real time stats, saving the user time by generating an instantly downloadable report.

Social Management Tool enables you to track, measure and report on the ROI of your social marketing campaigns, including traffic, actions, reviews, leads and sales as a direct result of social media. With a single dashboard, you can connect with users on multiple social platforms. Generate a ‘community’ by receiving and responding to comments, likes, mentions and other interactions from within a centralised platform, and use real time tracking to monitor your campaign effectiveness.

Others to check out include Radian6, Buffer, Tweepi, Crowdbooster, SocialFlow, Bitly, Everypost, Sprout  Social, TweetDeck, Spredfast, SocialOomph, IFTTT, SocialBro, Topsy,, Wefollow and Social Mention.

Each claims to have its own USP. But which is the best option for you and your organisation? Fortunately, most have the option to try before you buy with a free trial. It’s worth having a play around to find which is right for you before signing up. Perhaps even use a combination of tools to achieve best results.