Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Your website and social media presence are like ongoing marketing campaigns.

So, as with a traditional marketing campaign (eg a leaflet drop, ad in a newspaper) don’t forget to find out how they are performing.

Statistics are readily available for numbers of page visitors and even how these have converted into paying customers.

Your website package will include this information – which is like gold dust in terms of really getting to grips with what your customers want.

For example, which pages are your website visitors staying on for the longest, which pages are most popular and what time of day do you get most of your traffic? Your website information is a customer survey at your fingertips.

And don’t forget, it’s just as important to find out what is not popular as well as what’s working well. Maybe you really wanted a company history page on your website but have since found customers never visit or stay on that page. Maybe your very attractive gallery page just isn’t getting the hits… Perhaps you could replace these pages with more information about your services…

It’s easy to get a great website up and running and then sit back and think your work is done, but as with any area of your business, there is always room to improve and adapt. This is especially important in an online world, where things are changing all the time.

Use website experts if necessary to help you analyse the statistics and allow your website to become a very valuable marketing tool for your business.