Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Every day, brands are working hard to come up with new and engaging campaigns in order to promote their products or services to the consumer. It’s hard to remember how we ever coped without the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in B2C marketing.

The number of people browsing the internet on their phone is continuing to rise and with that rise comes an increase in the use of the various different social media sites. As a result of more people accessing social media on their mobile devices, we’re seeing a change in user behaviour.

For example, if you’re a business wanting to increase online sales, it’s a good idea to look into developing an app, rather than relying on a website or page. Apps don’t have to be complex, and can be designed to achieve specific goals, target specific people, and enable you to send push notifications (which are good competition for the now saturated ‘traditional’ email). Push your app via your social media site to spread the word.

People now rely on social media to get their daily fix of news and current affairs – looking regularly throughout the day at their mobile phones to see what’s new. Share exciting or interesting news that is relevant to your brand, and you’re likely to grab the attention of your customers, via your social media pages. Done well, this can lead to likes and shares that will help expose your brand and broaden its reach.

Strong visuals are crucial. Platforms such as Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram are increasing in popularity and are a great way to reach the younger generation. Practically everyone’s phone is now a smartphone so videos are a great way of capturing attention. Make that video interactive, and you increase your chance of engaging users. Add a competition or incentive to interact and you’re even more likely to see results.

Getting your brand heard is becoming increasingly difficult as social media sites get saturated with different activity. It’s rarely possible, or beneficial, to try to be everywhere, instead really think about which trends your company would benefit from, where it is likely to see most engagement, and set a strategy with a clear aim. Every company is different, but focus your activities on the mobile market to keep up with the best and stay ahead of the game.