Thursday, 28 November 2013

Bragging, it’s not a well-known English tradition, is it? So how do you get your message out there without showing off too much?

Don’t worry if you are a little bit uncomfortable about shouting your own praises from the rooftops, there are always more subtle ways to get fans following you online.

UK audiences don’t always want over-the-top self-promotion to keep their interest anyway, so use some of the more fine-tuned approaches to make your business more popular on social media.

Remember the saying: “pictures tell a thousand words”? This still applies and using plenty of images in your Tweets, Facebook and Google+ pages goes a long way. Don’t just tell customers about your products or services – show them.

Make it easy for your customers to imagine themselves using your product or services – sell the image or lifestyle you think they are aiming for. You can make clever use of words and pictures to create this lifestyle for your followers.

Offers and discounts are another way of creating extra interest in your company. As well as drawing your customers in, this increases the likelihood of them spreading the word. If they feel as though they have got a bargain, they are going to want to brag about it!

Mark Macdonald, of Shopify, says: “It’s important to try and strike a balance between creating engaging content that builds an audience while also gently nudging people towards your products.

“Creating special offers like deals, discounts and giveaways will help you bridge that gap by allowing you to highlight your products while still creating interesting content for your followers.”