Wednesday, 21 October 2015

With its ability to reach people fast, directly and frequently, Twitter is no doubt worth investing in as a key part of a company’s digital marketing strategy. For smaller companies, it’s simple enough to tag it onto the day’s responsibilities for a media savvy team member, therefore enabling effective marketing at no extra cost. For larger companies, it’s well worth investing in an individual that can take Twitter and run with it, most likely in tandem with other social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Whilst Twitter is simple, and generally easy to get the hang of, there’s using it, and then there’s using it effectively. Here we offer some top tips for making the most of Twitter in marketing your company.

1. Always use images when posting on Twitter. A post with an image is much more likely to get higher engagement than one that simply has a text message. Perhaps spend money on custom graphics – images unique to your brand will get more engagement than stock photos and enable you to show unique elements of your brand’s personality. To go one step better, invest in video content. There is no doubt that videos tend to get the highest engagement from followers. Views, favourites and re tweets all help widen your brand’s exposure on Twitter.

2. Limit your tweets to 100 characters. This frees up spare characters for people to share your tweets with comments or @tags

3. Follow competitors. If only to see what they’re posting and keep an eye on the engagement they get from different types of posts at different times of day. Test similar content to see whether it works for your brand.

4. Post regularly. The more your followers see from you, the more they will build trust and engagement. Don’t spam them though – make sure content is interesting or informative. Ensuring your brand appears regularly in your followers’ feeds will help keep it fresh in their thoughts.

5. Use hashtags strategically. Don’t make up hashtags – research those that are trending. Really big brands might be able to establish new ones, but for everyone else it is more beneficial to follow and engage with existing trends.

6. Pay to promote your brand. A little goes a long way when you spend money on promoting your brand on Twitter. You can tailor your promotion very specifically depending on the countries you want to target, the type of engagement you’re looking for, and how much you’re willing to spend on a daily or maximum total budget.

These are just six tips on Twitter best practice, but hopefully there’s something there for everyone to take away and try. One thing’s for sure, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again (when it comes to Twitter, practice makes perfect)!