Monday, 11 September 2017

PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing will increase search traffic for your business and improve sales – faster than SEO efforts.

You can use PPC to buy visits to your website – you only pay when an advert is clicked on.  PPC adverts appear above the non-paid organic results on Google and Bing, ensuring your advert is seen first, getting your business in front of prospects at exactly the right time.

PPC is a great way to get your business found on Google and Bing, but careful planning is required when setting up a PPC campaign.  You need to work out your goals.  Do you want more people to click on your site, build awareness or generate leads?

You need to do your keyword research.  PPC campaigns are built using keywords, you need to find what the most valuable, and relevant keywords are to drive traffic to your site.  Use keywords with a higher PPC click-through rate and you can enjoy increased profit.

Think about your audience; who do you want to click on your adverts?  Ensure the content you are creating appeals to your audience; this will improve the chances of them clicking through.

Once a campaign is up and running it is important to measure its effectiveness.  This includes click-through and conversion rates.  Conversion rates will demonstrate whether the money you are spending on PPC is actually money well spent; whether it is being turned into profits.

PPC takes time and if you are time-short then why not let Infoserve help you increase traffic and improve sales.

We are the UK’s first Bing Ads Elite Partner and a Google Premier Partner and have PPC experts that will get you found on Google and Bing.  As part of our PPC service we offer conversion tracking, allowing you to track calls, form-fills and even listen to calls, and remarketing which enables you to reach people who have previously been on your website.

We offer hourly campaign and budget management for maximum ROI.  Get in touch with one of our PPC experts now on 0800 089 0879, or find out more about PPC marketing on our website.